Friday, August 27, 2010

Wedding Crafts ideas

Wedding Crafts ideas Wedding... The biggest event that happens to anyone, surely! Apart from the so many to-do wedding list things, decorating a wedding arch is one. A wedding arch is an integral part of any wedding. I am sure you know the fact that a wedding arch is the center place for the brides and grooms "I do's". There are so many ways to make your wedding arch "best" than the rest and I am here to help you. These wedding arch ideas will surely make your wedding arch standout and add a wonderful, never-forgettable memory to your wedding.

Candles are the perfect wedding crafts, both for decorating and for wedding favors. You can purchase a large block of plain, melt-and-pour wax base and add your own color and scent. Use essential oils, like lavender or grapefruit, and color wax specially designed for candle-making. Use your wedding colors and layer different wax colors in a pillar candle. You can purchase pillar molds or more interesting shaped molds, such as flower or heart molds for floating candles. You can also use glass jars as attractive molds, especially for layered candles. If you are looking for eco-friendly wedding crafts, try making soy candles or rolled beeswax candles.Wrap your homemade candles in a square of tulle and secure with a ribbon. Add a special note from the couple or create personalized matchbooks to give your candle wedding crafts. If you make your candles in a mason jar, you can secure the top, with or without a square of fabric, and tie a ribbon or length of twine around the top to complete.

Myriads websites are out there to offer you free crafts ideas that you can engage your kids with. Good parenting implies teaching children social responsibilities and moral values that start from home. Children always look for their parents’ support and trust which in turn, boost their confidence. Completing a craft project successfully provides them with a sense of achievement. In the time of economic crisis you can teach your kid to grow more practical with some frugal yet fun crafts ideas.Look for some easy projects that are appropriate for your child’s age. You will find countless. From match sticks to colored rubber bands anything that apparently seems of little use can be used to create something unique and invaluable. Assign kids some greetings card making or friendship box making project that they can gift their friends or teacher or the baby sitter. Cards made with colorful glittery hearts can be nice valentine gifts for their friends while Snowman cards ideally express the warmth of heartfelt wish during the winter.

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